My Inspiration Board

I have a big cork board above my desk where I stick photos or stuff that inspires me. I decided to share some pics of it!
Here's everything on my wall. As you can see I love putting stuff on it! My whole office makes me smile, I've surrounded myself in things that I love so the whole room makes me happy!
A close up. I have one of my Dads old police patches that I kept from when he retired. And a bunch of little bits and pieces.
A photo set of Nathan and I, the drawing Lucy Knisley drew for me, and things from pen pals.
Photos of friends and I, patches, more things from pen pals! 
OK I could have taken a better photo that included that whole drawing by oldfamiliarway! Here I have my friend Nicole, my Grandma, Mum, and my Dad years and years ago with our old cat Joe. <3
The photo of my Grandma is my favourite of anyone ever, so I may do a blog post just about her and share a better photo of it. She was a crazy cat lady!

Do you have an inspiration board? What kind of things do you stick to it?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I found a few really good things this week. The internet is so dangerous! Luckily I resisted.
Culture Kings
I love Herschel Supply backpacks but they're too expensive! 
Super cute faux fur pouch 
Print All Over Me
 I need everything in my life to be covered with sprinkle fabric 
Dinosaur...washi...tape...I need this!
These shoes are so freakin perfect! 
Axolotl plushy!!! I need to squish it 
Think Geek
I'm gonna need a Hufflepuff pair  before winter!
Take care
Megan xo 

Daily Instax March 12 - 25

Ahh, the last 2 weeks were really good! I finished my assignments and hung out with friends a few times so I am feelin' good. 
I am an amazing cat photographer + dedicated my instax photo to Terry Pratchett when I found out he passed away
Heaven is a place on earth with ice coffee + air hockey and bowling with this nerd
Hippo cat + me and Hutch (seriously, I am so in love with her!)
"Feed me, I'm starving to death!" + my friend Victoria visited and Violet fell in love with her
Gotta have a photo of Princess Peach! + Phase 10 with Nathan and his sister (I totally won!)
Nathan made hot cross buns and a hippo tried to steal mine + a dog park with my friends and their dogs after TAFE on Monday - it was pretty much the best afternoon ever! Dogs are hilarious.
Playing with Amos before it started raining + the garden centre in Springwood is so nice
Take care!
Megan xo

Cat Update

I think it's been a while since I made a post just about the cats, so here are some favourite photos from lately!
Somebody was a grumbly bum at the vet!!
He's always a grumbly bum. He's lucky he's cute!

Peach always looked surprised haha. How cute is she!!
The sweetest paws and the prettiest colour
Little funny face Violet
She's quite small (and fat) but she has really long whiskers! And her eyes are amazing!!
And these two staring at poor Violet
People always tell me I take great photos of my cats, and to be honest I agree! I think most of my photos turn out really well, considering I take them with my iPhone! Go me!
Take care
Megan xo 

Friday Favourites

Hey! I hope your week was fabulous!
Hungry Caterpillar washi tape! I feel I've shared this before but it's so cute!
Adorable handbag! 
Such a sweet print - would be nice in a nursery 
This is cute, but the hands make it look really cranky! 
So cute!!!! 
Are you excited for Winter? I cannot wait for the weather to cool down, because it's comfier and I also love warm clothes - jumpers, scarves, and my favourite - beanies! 
Made It
Super cool tote bag!
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

365 Crafting Time 156 - 169

Two more weeks crafting every day!! My new obsession is paint by numbers. My brother in law gave me one for my birthday last year and I finally started it last week. I like painting before bed, filling in each colour is really really relaxing, and I had so much fun doing it I bought 4 more online!
Early stages - of course it was a cat!
Progress + I needed a new pencil cup so I painted this $2 from The Reject Shop
Weekly pages + yet more progress!
Birthday card envelope for someone + it looked creepy with white eyes!
Finished! How great does it look! Definitely harder than ones when I was a kid! + I ruined 3 blocks of chocolate and finally got it to melt to make this dessert so it was my craft of the day - I was so frustrated haha
I painted Rincewinds Wizzard Hat as I was thinking about Terry Pratchett a lot + this weeks pages
My new paint by number that I worked on over the weekend (I paint most days but don't make it my crafty thing every day!) + a birthday package to send to a friend of mine - I love decorating them and my post office always comments on them haha
Read more about 365 Crafting Time here
Take care!
Megan xo 

Favourite Terry Pratchett Characters

You probably heard that Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on March 12th. I am a massive fan of his Discworld series, he is one of my favourite authors. I met him in 2011 and I was extremely nervous and didn't say anything, however when Nathan got one of my other books signed (I made him line up with me haha) Sir Terry made fun of Nathans jeans haha. It was hilarious!  So today I decided to share my favourite characters that he created!

Sam Vimes, Commander of the City Watch. My absolute favourite Discworld character and one of my favourite characters of all time. Grizzled and cranky (that's putting it lightly), he can tell what part of Ankh Morpork he is in from the feel of the street through the thin soles of his boots. He marries Sybil Ramkin and at one point travels through time! Cracks me up constantly.  
Sybil Ramkin (later Sybil Vimes), she is an amazon of a  woman who is a big softie and breeds dragons and runs a dragon sanctuary. She's amazing. 
Rincewind -  a failed wizard (Wizzard!) of the Unseen University. He's kinda hopeless realyl, but hilarious. The first character I fell in love with when I first read The Colour of Magic. I have a soft spot in my heart for Rincewind. 
Death. If you haven't read any of the Discworld books starring Death than you're probably wondering why on earth he would be a favourite. He is absolutely hilarious, and in the Hogfather takes on a sort of Santa Claus role to deliver presents to children. HE SPEAKS ONLY IN CAPITALS.

Honourable mentions
  • Adora Belle Deerheart
  • Nobby Nobbs
  • Carrot 
  • Lord Vetinari 
I was truly saddened to hear that Sir Terry passed away, as soon as I read that he died peacefully, surrounded by his family and with his cat sleeping on the bed I burst into tears. His books have made me laugh and cry, he created so many amazing characters and I am forever thankful for that.
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I hope your week has been fabulous. If not, here are some things to distract you
A cute and weird watch! 
Adorable washi tape 
I am obsessed with paint by numbers! How cute is this one! 
Hamburger cat bed!!!!
Urban Outfitters
Super cute stamp
Gorgeous dress
This necklace is a catnip molecule - in a cat face! So cool
Have a great day!
Megan xo