Monday, April 1, 2013

Meet My Cats: Noah

I have 2 cats named Noah and Peach. I thought I would do a little post on each of them to introduce them :-)

I got Noah in November 2007 after my previous cat (Caesar) had to be put down. The RSPCA gave me Caesar and it turned out he was really sick, so since he had to be put to sleep (after I had fallen in love with him) they told me I could come back and get a new cat. I waited a while, but eventually went back and fell in love with a teeny tiny white kitten that fell asleep in my arms.

Noah, AKA fatso, Señor Noah, butso, fatty, lumpy, handsome. He's a big fat cat and I love him. He's always hungry...

he wakes us up by running over the tops of our pillows, by pulling tissues out of the box, 
and by banging his paws on the mirrored wardrobe doors...
he's the handsomest cat and he has heaps of personality. He only meows when he is hungry...
and when I leave the room and he doesn't know where I am...
"I am so good looking"
He is the more affectionate of our two cats, he loves to be near us, he loves headbutting faces 
and snuggling into bed with us on cold nights. 

Megan xo

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