Thursday, February 23, 2017

You've Got Mail 2017 #01

Hello! I've decided to continue doing my weekly round up of my incoming and outgoing mail! Starting this week with the two letters that I wrote to two of my Australian pen pals :-) 
For Laura in Victoria - I don't know what I was doing with the washi tape here 

And Kathleen in the Northern Territory 
So sad that I ran out of these cake stamps - they're so cute!
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Create Everyday 2017 Day 29 - 42

February so far has been a terrible month for my creating! I'm hoping I can pick things up and maybe do easier things, I always think "oh I can't do that I did that the other day" or "that's too lame or easy" - I need to stop being so hard on myself! Haha 
Planning + love using my Heidi Swapp sprays so much 

I made my favourite coconut balls + catching up on thank you cards 

More planning + super lame dividers for TAFE hahaha 
Have an awesome day!
Megan xo

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you're well and that enjoy my fancies this week :-)
Urban Outfitters
Loving the colours on this tapestry 
I've been looking for a cute weekend bag and I love this colour 
The prettiest shoes ever!! 
Moonlume on etsy
I love these adorable cactus stickers - this shop has so many cute designs 
Sarah Cosico
A Luna Lovegood pin! I love it so much!
I'm thinking I need to buy this for the cooler months
Have an awesome weekend, 
Megan xo

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Daily Instax January 29 - February 11

The last 2 weeks have been really hot so I've been avoiding going outside as much as possible!
Look at this goob + love it when my babies hang out together

I found these 2 dogs roaming the streets + I think Katherine wants a pony 

Sometimes you need a donut! + check out this cutie with his chocolate pudding 

My girls

My pin collection + me imitating Mr Grumpy Pants 

Rain! It was SO GOOD + I got my hair done and felt cute 

A frosty beer on a boiling day + Noah melted 
Have an amazing day,
Megan xo <3

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Fancies

Time for some fancies!
Marta Insa
Loving the pattern on this pouch
The cats on this notebook are so cute! 
LordofMasks on society6
Love this pretty artwork 
RubyRobinBoutique on etsy
I love this necklace much!!! 
The most PERFECT dress 
Oh Plesiosaur 
Two of my favourite things! Cats and pizza. 
Have an awesome weekend,
Megan xo 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Create Everyday 2017 Day 15 - 28

I did a little bit better this fortnight than previously!!
Planning + thank you cards
So many to catch up on + my zine 

Always planning + getting letters ready
Nearly caught up on all my cards!

Getting a swap ready!
Take it easy
Megan xo

Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Fancies

I feel like it's harder to find non-material fancies lately with everything that is going on in the world. Every day there is just something new that makes me angry or sad and stories that disappoint me, but at least things will never disappoint me!! 
Matt Darling
Beautiful stretchy cat 
MisterStamp on etsy
The most perfect wax seal for me!
I wouldn't normally go for such long socks but I love these!
It's like this notebook was MADE for me!!!! 
A new awesome way to rep my Hogwarts house 
Ah! The cutest shirt! I love the colours, it's so perfect <3 
Have a wonderful weekend
Megan xo 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Daily Instax 2017 January 15-28

You may notice that I took a lot of photos of myself in the last 2 weeks...and of Noah...
Snuggling with a towel? + donuts someone gave us at work (which we desperately needed after surgeries!)

Breakfast waffles + saying farewell to my BFF of 17 years - she's moving to London. These fake tears were soon replaced with real ones 

Being cooked by the sun + Having cuddles with this little girl at work 

He has to be involved in everything + Nathan and I went rollerskating and I didn't fall down!

I felt cute so I had to take a pic + stinky stinking up my car

So many photos of Noah + I took care of my friends goats!!! They're kinda evil 

Now a photo of me AND Noah! + check out this crazy idiot 
Have a good one,
Megan xo

Monday, January 30, 2017

My Dorky Zine

One of my 17 in 2017 goals was to make my own zine! Now, this was kind of a cheat goal...I knew I needed to make a zine for a pen pal swap, but I've always wanted to make one! I'm not really sure how I went, I kind of just winged it and made it up as I went! 

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!
Take it easy,
Megan xo

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope your week has been wonderful!
Urban Outfitters
These glasses are so pretty 
HommeSurLaLune on etsy
This is solid advice!!!!
raphaelbalme on etsy
This shirt was made for me!
Handmade Sam Made
A beautiful eucalyptus enamel pin - love it 
I really love this artwork - it's so beautiful 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo