Friday Fancies

Last week I mentioned that my week was shit, well this week was even shitter but things will hopefully get better!
Lime Crime
This packaging is AMAZING! It's a Polly Pocket! :-o 
How many cat bags can I have on my wishlist?!
Love these earrings 
Urban Outfitters
This is the best incense holder I've ever seen 
LinaJaneDesigns on etsy
My cats love scratchy pats
The perfect shirt!
Have a good weekend, 
Megan xo 

Create Everyday August 27 - September 9

Only missed one day!
 Planning in my bujo + unsure about this page but it's done!
 My dog journal + prepping pages
 I love this gold paste + planning for September
 I made this paste by adding acrylic paint! + planning my week
 Thank you cards ready to go + really like this simple page!!!
 Thank you card prep + sent a card to my Dad and decorated it with stickers I knew would annoy him
I really love all of these colours!
Have a good day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I wasn't going to do my fancies because this week was the hardest week of my entire life and things are just getting harder, but I thought - FUCK IT! I love doing these posts so here I am!
cloudythurstay on etsy
Love the colours of this and the sentiment
Oh boy, I used to play Yoshi's Island so much!! 
This lip colour looks gorgeous 
Katie Leamon
The marbling of these colours is just amazing!
lazypencilco on etsy
I need both of these because I can't choose 
MulletOver on etsy
Why doesn't this store ship to Australia?!?! AGGH! 
Have a great weekend, 
Megan xo

Daily Instax August 27 - September 9

 More instax photos!
 My handsome boy + a pretty sky 
 Found her asleep in the clean clothes! + she's a model
 Up to no good + Dungeons and Dragons night!
 Cherry blossoms + a cranky cat
 Hanging with one of my favourite dogs that I sit + my boy keeping an eye on things outside
 Woke up to this turd stealing the room on my bed + the best stick catcher!
And 2 pics of my boy, but he's so sweet 
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo 

Favourite Art Journal Pages #01

Hello! Today I'm sharing some of my favourite art journal pages that I've done recently!
 I love the gold flecks on these pages 
 I am enjoying using texture pastes and stencils
 You can just make out the cat and paws on the left-hand side! I love it 
 I messed up this stencil on the left but I like that it's not perfect 
 My little fat baby & me and I really like this cactus page 
 Two simple pages that were fun to create!
And two of my most recent pages - love the colours!
Have an awesome day!
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Happy Friday friends - I hope you're well!
I think I possibly need this cat top for Spring and Summer!
jennyparksillus on etsy
This is the cutest thing! 
OHNORachio on etsy
Two things I love!
Hard to Find
A bag that I definitely need! 
Teagan White on Society6
This is so sweet! Little babies 
Elizabeth Woll
I am in love with these earrings! They're so gorgeous 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo 

Create Everyday August 13 - 26

I am so proud of myself! I created every single day!
 Preparing my bullet journal + a page in my dog journal 
I am just obsessed with my art journals! It's so fun getting messy

A pretty letter + a page in my positivity journal 

 Yet another journal + more pages in my bullet journal
 See, I'm obsessed
 Prepped a page + I LOVE how this one turned out!!
More prep + another page that I love!
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a lovely week and welcome to September!
EssaraiCeramics on etsy
Holy. Shit. How did someone make this? It looks like it should've grown out of the earth
Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
The cutest notebooks ever!
Shop and Smile Studio
This is the dream!
MoonAndBearShop on etsy
CatmintStudios on etsy
This is so sweet 
RivuletPaperShop on etsy
Oh my god. This is one of my most favourite fancies EVER. Look how amazing it is!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo