Create Everyday April 4 - 17

I hope your week is going well!
 Watercolour postcards
 Letter prep + planning 
 Kinda creepy Orca + some happy mail
More plans + more watercolours
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

A few cheeky things this week!
The cutest little cardigan!
Added to the list of shoes I need in my life
The Iconic
I love the mix of grey with the bright colours on this gorgeous bag
Alice Lang
"Boob/butt vessel set" - love it!
Priscila Barbosa on Society6
I'd love to have this framed in my bathroom
Um, yes please!!!! Amazing!
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo

Daily Instax March 26 - April 8

So many cat pics!
 Lazy bum + what I see when I wake up (very annoying and hungry cats) 
Look at them!!!!! + a little bushwalk 

 Noah loves my roomie + Violet is too cute
 My pretty Princess Peach
 My friends little fancy boy + what a sight!
 Relaxing + the sky was so pretty
Pretty flowers + cranky boy
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

Cat Update April 2018

Just thought I'd share a little update about my babies!
Noah is going well! He's lost a little weight recently so he's eating more food so he's happy! He's handled the move quite well, he's just happy to be with me. 

Pretty Peach, she's handled the move a LOT better than I anticipated! She's even been coming out to meet my roomies friends and hanging out in her room too! So proud of her
 Violet....nothing bothers her. I don't even think she noticed that we moved hahahaha
And would you look at this...they NEVER EVER do this! Amazing! So proud of my babies
Have a lovely day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I hope you're well and you've had a great week!
PewterCityTradingCo on etsy
SO CUTE! I love it 
Decemberists Shop
The new Decemberists album is amazing, and the merch rocks!
Mochi Things
This is too cute!
This is adorable
Even more amazing!
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Megan xo

Create Everyday March 21 - April 3

Did OK this week!
 I love this weird little face! + planning
 Painting + practicing lettering with McElroy quotes
 More lettering but with Decemberists lyrics! + my cats always look like this 
 MORE Decemberists quotes! + planning
Planning + painting 
Have a wonderful day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you're well and having a lovely week so far and I hope you enjoy my fancies!
LilyXiaDesigns on etsy 
Holy. Shit. Yes. Please. I need these Zelda pins. All of them. 
Urban Outfitters
I could just fill my home with all Urban Outfitters stuff 
And as per usual, Modcloth have things that were designed just for me it seems!
Martafofiartworks on etsy
I love these, but her style is so great I love it all! 
Not sure I can pull off green, but I love this jumper 
I love everything about this, especially its smug face!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Megan xo

Daily Instax March 12 - 25

The past 2 weeks have been really, really great!
 My roomies cat sunbathing + a walk on a rainy day 
 A cold day (I look cranky but I love it) + hanging out in the park 
 Delicious! + my little boy
 Annoying Erins cat + Erin looking fabulous
 Getting love from Fenway + my roomie and her babies
 My friends gorgeous little boy + annoying Erins cat again haha
My roomies cats have moved to NZ, so mine can take over the whole house. They're settling nicely!
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo

Currently Reading March 2018

I'm trying to be better with reading this year, so far I'm not going well with that but I'm hoping to change that! I thought I'd share the books I'm currently reading (I know I should only read one at a time but I get distracted easily) 
Women's History for Beginners - this is really interesting so far! It's an overview of women's roles and contributions throughout history, all condensed into 200 pages! 
Odalisque is a reread for me! I never finished the third book in the trilogy so I decided to start it over again. I remember enjoying this when I first read it (years ago), so I hope I still like it!

Rat Queens! This is so beautiful and funny, I highly recommend this!

Look how stunning it is!
What are you reading?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

My first fancy this week is the weather, it's cooling down! And raining! It makes me so happy.
fleacircusdesign on etsy
The cutest little pigeon post pin!
RebelOcean on etsy
In love with this septum ring 
Target have some gorgeous stuff!
magicalmaidens on etsy
Ditto! Too cute 
Floofer Ensembles on Society6
The BEST tote bag in the world. I love Griffin McElroy 
The Crafted Life
A free printable that I would actually print!
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo