Friday Fancies

Hello once again, I hope you enjoy my fancies this week :-)
Two of my favourite things 
A gorgeous Princess Zelda print
The most perfect donut pajamas...I'm gonna need these for winter
The best tote
And a gorgeous coffee mug 
A sweet little calico cat print <3 
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #04

A slow mail week. I didn't receive any and I only wrote one!

A card for Kaylah from The Dainty Squid
Have a good day!
Megan xo

Create Everyday 2016 Days 13-26

Hello! Here are some things I created in the last couple of weeks :-)
I assembled this tiny dinosaur that Noah tried to eat + I made a lemon came (I wish I still had this cake)
Some hair ties + planning
I started a bullet journal! + crafting with a 7 year old is a lot of fun
An envelope + cookies!!
More planning + I want to decorate my bullet journal (because why not)
And I drew our house for a mail tag for one of my pen pals...drawing is not my strong point haha
Have a great day!
Megan xo

'Hello 2016' Blank Goods Box

This goodie box is amazing! Every little thing that I opened inside made me very happy!
Lots of bits and pieces to make your very own bunting!
Tape, tags, and clouds
More bunting supplies! Ice creams and donuts! And look at that little sprinkle bag!!
A buttload of paper  bags - I think I need to start using these for snail mail and craft
The best part. I literally gasped when I saw these. I love all of the pastel ones the most
I am so impressed with this months box. I've been really slack and haven't made anything from these boxes yet, but I plan to change that starting this week!! Check out Blank Goods here! Have a great day.
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Hello! It's the time for more fancies of course :-)
These vases are so pretty 
Found this and it reminds me so much of Noah- the pink belly! Haha

This pencil case is so cute!! 
 This store has a few sexy Jurassic Park pin ups, I love this one the most 
And I adore the style of this Jurassic Park art! Amazing!! 
And the style of this Bob's Burgers tote bag is so cute! I love it 
Have a great weekend, 
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #03

A letter from Deborah-Anne, I love this envelope!

Incoming from Kathleen

And one outgoing to Lisa in France
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 1-14

My first batch of instax photos for 2016! So exciting!
First selfie of 2016 + my 2015 photos! 365!
She loved the tinsel + trying to take a cute photo ended with him stealing the towel somehow haha
It was cold...+ belly fluff

Already been reading heaps so far! + I visited my baby sisters in Port Macquarie! They're so big now :'''-(
Ahhh they're SO CUTE!!!! + Violet missed me when I was away

I am pet sitting this gorgeous girl + the flash always makes him so shiny!!
I can't stop taking photos of the cats, don't even try and stop me!
Have a great day!
Megan xo 

One Little Word 2016

Just like last year where I heard about Ali Edwards 'One Little Word' idea and I chose the word 'Brave' to be the word to help guide me through the year, I have chosen a word for 2016!

I really struggle to get motivated to do anything really. I am super lazy! So I want 2016 to be the year I motivate myself to do all the things I want/need to do, studying, cleaning, cooking, execerise - you name it I can procrastinate or avoid it! It's terrible! I think having more motivation will make me healthier and happier in the long run!
Have you chosen a word for 2016?
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you had a great week, my week has been really busy so I am glad it's nearly over!
After the loss of David Bowie this week, it's only fitting that my first favourite is from one of the best films ever made - Labyrinth. Bowie is the best in it!
Pug leggings! I need these in size fat please 
I am a huge fan of puns and these snack boxes are adorable!
If my cats didn't knock everything off things I would totally get this! 
Not normally a fan of white shoes but I love these! 
The cutest little earrings! 
And an adorable shirt <3 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #02

More mail! Nothing makes me happier than opening my mail box to find these :-)
From Tasha in the UK
And Amysue in America
 And my outgoing

These 2 are thank you cards for my pet sitting clients (uh, they both have cats haha)
And a letter for a new pen pal in Victoria! 
Have a great day
Megan xo 

Create Everyday 2016 Days 1-12

Like I said in my Blog + Creative Goals post I want to create something every single day! I'll be sharing on here every second week so here is my first batch for the year!
Monthly planning + adorable envelope
Weekly planning + planner page marker
A thank you card + a little reminder for myself
Another thank you + more planning (I love it!)
And finally a couple of envelopes!
I missed 3 days when I visited my Dad in Port Macquarie. I don't want to beat myself up too much if I miss days or if I just do something small and not super creative, it's supposed to be fun! Have a great day. 
Megan xo