Friday Fancies

I had such a great week! It was my birthday yesterday and I had the best day, and here are my fancies for the week!
CinemaStudio on etsy $27AUD
Cute Moonrise Kingdom print 
Modcloth $15AUD
A cute bin?!
Look Human $27USD
I need this in my life 
So cute! I'd love to get a pen pal so I could use this 
I wish this was in Australia because I would have bought it instantly!!!

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend, I'll be celebrating my birthday all weekend and I am super excited!
Megan xo

Birthday Mail!

My birthday is on Thursday and one of my brothers and his fiancée (who live a couple of hours away) sent me my present and told me that it was OK to open it early, because if the roles were reversed they would open it right away haha.
First up were these two Pop! Funko figurines to go with my collection! Glenn is one of my favourite Walking Dead characters and I am happy to have a zombie with my other Walking Dead figurines :-D
And they also got me this Lumpy Space Princess mug and Finn keyring! I love them!!! They totally spoiled me :-D
Here are all of my Walking Dead figurines together :-)  (oops there's a bad word on one of those books..)

It was such a lovely present! 
Have an awesome day
Megan xo

My PEZ Dispenser Collecton

I've been collecting PEZ dispensers since I was around 13. It started when I was going through a phase where I was obsessed with anything Winnie the Pooh and I bought an Eeyore dispenser. That was the beginning and over the last 13ish years I have collected over 300 dispensers...yup...300...
As you can see, this is not my full collection. These shelves were already in this house when we bought it (perfect!!), so I just put a random selection on there for the time being. It's in an odd spot in the entrance to a toilet (hah), so I had to take the full photo from the side.
Here are a couple of shelves, I currently don't have them in any order and my sets are all over the place. I plan on organising it a bit better soon. 
Most of the dispensers I have were purchases from supermarkets, and places like Kmart, Target or Big W. I have bought several online and I love looking on eBay for new (and old) ones from overseas. 
This guy is one of my vintage dispensers (I only have a couple). He's simply called an Indian whistle, because he has a whistle on the back of his head (duh Megan). He's worth $20-$25 and I love his happy little face.
This is my favourite! A vintage Bambi, from around 1976 I believe. No feet! PEZ started adding feet to their dispensers in the 80s. My Bambi is worth from $45-$60 (hehe I didn't even pay $40 for it!) but there is one even rarer that has WDP printed on the head and can be worth up to $125!
This is my PEZ box which has the rest of my dispensers, they are hidden under all the unopened ones and my giant dispensers (they dispense packages of PEZ instead of single PEZ). You can also see a backwards Belle still on card (what it's called when the dispenser is still packaged), that I bought for some reason! There are HUNDREDS in this box and I really, really, really want proper shelves to display them on.
This is my gold Barky Brown. Oh my gosh, I was so happy to get a Barky Brown! Barky's Australian, and was created by the Animal Welfare League to raise money for animals in need! I am unsure of how much this gold one is worth (there's also silver and there were regular colours released at different times and even ones with crystals heads, meaning transparent plastic tinted different colours). I would really like more Barky's but they can be pricey.
Finally, this is my favourite giant dispenser, The Robot from Lost in Space. He looks super awesome and when you lift the head he talks!

As I just realised when I was typing all this, I am a serious PEZ collector and I wish I had more money to buy some rarer PEZ. I would really like a Thumper to match Bambi! And I think the next one I will buy will be a psychedelic hand.
I will leave you now with a picture of my dream PEZ dispenser
 Made in the 1970s this lil' guy is so so rare and is worth at least $900. Siiiiigh!
To get all of the info about certain dispensers including how much they are worth I highly recommend Warmans PEZ Field Guide 
Have a great day! I hope you enjoyed a peek at this collection :)
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you have had an amazing week, here are my fancies for this week.
passivejuicehotel on etsy $23AUD 
An awesome Neutral Milk Hotel song on a t-shirt $29USD
Such a sweet Home Alone doormat
 Tarazz $37AUD
I was so excited to find an Australian website selling Sephora brands. I've wanted to try Tarte for a while, they are cruelty free and look awesome - but the postage cost is...scary! 
Avocado is one of my favourite foods, there is no limit to how much I can eat!
These socks are amazing! 
Popcultcha $40AUD
This cookie jar is totally awesome, and it looks like it would fit a LOT of cookies! 
thecarboncrusader on etsy $4.30AUD
Pushing Daisies pencils!!! 
britishindie on etsy $26AUD
And finally, a Pushing Daisies tote bag. Pushing Daisies is one of my favourite TV shows (cancelled, of course). It's just so strange, sweet and funny. I love it.

That's all for this week, have a great weekend! 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Oops, I am a litte bit late with my fancies this week!
I met up with my brother last night and we went to see Neutral Milk Hotel at the Enmore Theatre! We've loved them for a really long time and were so excited to find out they were touring here. It was the best concert I have ever seen and I cried 3 times (especially when they played Oh Comely!), so the concert is my first favourite this week! 
Totoro cookie cutters!
Um, I need this envelope template 
Rock Candy $23USD
How freakin amazing is this Xbox controller?!
 Kmart $45AUD
These are kinda pricey but I love solar lights, Christmas gifts 
and Christmas decorations so I had to buy them!
Fourth Floor Print Shop on etsy $48AUD 
RezArmy on etsy $44AUD
So cute!
HungryDesigns $33AUD 
This is SO cool and the seller is Australian!
I hope you have a great weekend
Megan xo

Violet Update

Our little baby Violet is slowly getting used to living with us. She's still a little butthead that scratches us if she's in a mood, but she also cuddles under the sheets with us sometimes too. 
She is so naughty! You cannot make anything in the kitchen without her turning up. Most of the time she jumps up onto the counter and tries to eat whatever you're chopping. It's annoying, but she is so cute that we forgive her. 
She is obsessed with running water. She drinks from the tap and when one of us is in the shower she sits right outside the door, waiting for us to open it so she can lick the water up.
Here she is with Noah, which is about as close as they get to each other. Noah normally hisses and runs away. If Peach sees her, she goes into hunting mode - her ears go flat and she stalks her. Poor Violet.
This final photo is from my instagram...oh my goodness. Her eyes are beautiful, and I love the little splash of white under her eye. She gets away with everything, our little Violent Violet. 

Have a good day
Megan xo

Bracelets and Bookmarks

I bought a few cute things online lately and decided to share them
I got these three from the Etsy store called TallRabbit who is from Perth in Western Australia. They were only $3.50 for all three! 
The kitty one is my favourite - they are so cute
I also bought these bookmarks on Etsy from bethydesign and they were a bit more expensive because they shipped from the UK.
How freaking cute is that?!
Finally is this super cool bracelet set from Nerdburgerjewellery on etsy. Not only is this bracelet awesome, the packaging it arrived in was so cool - I love it when people take extra care in their packaging.
The bracelet somehow managed to end up on my little alpacas head and it made me laugh so I had to include it haha.

I love getting mail and I love it even more when I get packages of cute things!
Megan xo

My Current Morning Ritual

Since I have finished Uni for the year now, I have a sort of morning ritual that I have been pretty much sticking to everyday.
Now that it's getting warmer my favourite breakfast is a quarter of a rockmelon with yogurt. It's so delicious! Part of my ritual is lifting Violet up ten times and dropping her onto the floor because she keeps jumping onto the counter...I have a cat that likes to eat rockmelon...
I then like to sit at my desk and catch up on my youtube subscriptions whilst I eat my delicious rockmelon! 
I also play Animal Crossing New Leaf when watching youtube videos (multi-tasking woo). Watering all my flowers takes a lot of time, gosh! (Please note I do not normally eat breakfast at 11:42am, but I was sick when I took these so I slept in really late which made me feel nearly normal! And yes I took these pictures over a week ago haha). Check out my house, my brother helped me collect all of the sweets stuff so it looks like a gingerbread house. My character is also wearing a hat that looks like a banana split...I really love Animal Crossing. 

It's a pretty simple morning ritual, but I really enjoy it. Do you have any rituals?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I hope you had a wonderful week, I am back again with my Friday Fancies!
Skreened $26USD
How cute is this?! I am thinking about buying two for my baby sisters! 
The Walking Dead posters from The Ninja Bot are freakin' awesome! $25USD each
ILovePillow on etsy $15AUD 
(hardtofind are selling this EXACT pillow case for $50!!) 
I love Christmas decorations and I think this is so cute <3 
These clogs from Target are so cute - they are sold out online though

 Notemaker $15AUD
I love washi tape and I love the simplicity of this tape cutter
 Inky on Society6 $15USD
I couldn't NOT have a mug on my friday fancies! I love Animal Crossing!

That's all for this week, have a great weekend!
Megan xo