Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fancies

I hope you had a good week, I have been home with a rotten flu since Tuesday and I am going mad! I still managed to find a few fancies this week though!
kateslittlestore on etsy $10.15 
This weeks episode of GOT was INSANE. I am still not over it! 
Perdita00 on etsy $27 
Bacon pancaaaaaakes
Modcloth  $60 
Too cute 
These look sooo good 

TheMakeLab on etsy $110 
Such an amazing clock. So nice for a kids room 
 And finally these prints from heymonster on society6 are AMAZING. I want all of them. In print form, tote bag, t-shirt and hoodie!
Well that's all for this week. I hope you have a great weekend and if you are in Australia I hope you have a great long weekend! 
Megan xo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Animal Series - Totoro!

I know Totoro isn't a REAL animal...but I wish he was! So here are some cute Totoro things I've found online:
cuteart on etsy                                                        L' Atelier Vi  on flickr
cutietoyk on eBay                                        paintedscanva on etsy
craftser                                                             FreshFactory on etsy

                            Anime Gift                                                                         Rakuten 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Instgram Recap May 2013

May was a pretty good month! Here are some of my favourite Instagram pics
 I couldn't resist 
I found this in Martin Place station and stuck it on my desk at work 
Best buddies with my new A Beautiful Mess app
Me and our new kitty Violet 
My Mum came over to watch Eurovision, but I know she just wanted to meet Violet 
Violet got desexed and her stitches got infected! The vet instructed us that she has to wear a cone so she couldn't chew them anymore. Poor baby! 
She likes to sleep on top of us. She is so cute! And the cone makes me sad for her

Have a great day!
Megan xo